My favorite color is rainbow..

Call me Fire Starter.. this is my life..

Where my head is at today..

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  • Who am I
    I am 42, live on a small island in Washington State. I’ve been through a lot in life. Sometimes I feel like I should write a book, but that’s what this is for. A place for me t write things out. I don’t care if anyone even reads them. I may not share this with my friends or family, it’s…More
  • Today is not my day..
    I just feel like punching something, today is not my day. I’m sad, and angry.. I’m a little confused and worried. Like I can’t even explain how I’m feeling, but it’s not good. So here is why.. I just started officially seeing this girl, my first lesbian relationship. We are girlfriends, I guess is how you say it. Whatever.. anyway..…More
  • What is going on???
    I don’t know if I’m totally reading signs that aren’t there. But I gave my girlfriend the last couple days, she said she needed space.. Which I 100% understand, we all need our time. But heres the deal. Yesterday, she spent the entire day on the phone with friends. I got a short 3 word txt here and there. But…More
  • Well Go fucking figure..
    My girlfriend, broke up with me today… I guess once again my intuition told me so.. I wrote on the last two post that I was practically in love with her. This my friends after less then 3 months. I know it’s possible.. anything is possible.. but is it realistic? For me no.. it’s just me falling hard again way…More
  • Today is a new day..
    Woke up at 8:20, nice start to the day, the sun was already shining.. I rolled out of bed, I like to stay in bed until after 8, because that’s when the coffee shop below me opens.. I don’t function well with out my morning coffee.. So far today is going well, I put all my ex’s stuff outside so…More
  • Who can’t enjoy life with this..
    I swear I live on the greatest Island in Washington State.. so quiet when you need it. My mind is racing in a million different ways and I just can’t get it to stop. Is it going to be like this for awhile? Because I fucking hate it, I don’t want to think about my ex. I keep reaching for…More
  • Really…
    The worst part about a break up.. it the constant wondering what the other person is doing right now.. like is she thinking about me at all.. is she txting all her “platonic” friends and telling them she’s single.. is she txting the real reason we broke up again? All I broke up with her, I miss you shit? Like…More
  • Ahhhhh
    I’ve realized that I have about 2 friends, that I can talk to about this break up.. sure I have all of my friends on Facebook. But only a couple people I actually feel like I can message and be like.. wtf!People who really know me, know I don’t hold back. I’ll post my feelings on Social Media no problem..…More
  • Ok.. I guess that makes since..
    Well I have been blocked my social media.. or she shut it down.. not even going to respond. (Turns out when you in friend someone you can’t see them for a day) I almost texted her, and was gonna be like really? But then I thought about it and realized that it just doesn’t matter.. it’s better that way because…More
  • Today is better..
    Everyday is easier.. actually the only real moment I thought about her, was when I was walking down the street looking 🔥 and she drove by.. I thought, yep bitch.. this is what you let go.. and hoping she was like “damn.. she is 🔥 though” other then that.. I’ve been pretty good.. I’m good being single, being able to…More

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